Final Deliverables and Schedule for Design

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May 2nd Deadline…

All drawings need to be submitted by May 2nd, 2011.

Drawing Requirements

  1. Site plan with Roof Plan on it (1:250) ( Site Plan already exists in sketch up)
  2. Site Sections ( Min 2)
  3. Basement Plan (1:100) Should show ramps, lanes, parking, core location. Minimum two stairs connecting to ground floor.
  4. Ground Floor Plan (1:100) Should show complete site circulation, loading, urban experience of the street
  5. Typical floor plans (1:100)
  6. Sections( Min. 2) (1:100)
  7. Elevations(4)( 1:100)
  8. Concept Sheets
  9. Axonometric, Perspective Views, exploded Axonometric…
  10. Area calculation- Please follow format as Per Design Brief and Program requirement

May 5, 2011 Deadline

All models need to be submitted by May 5, 2011 @ 1pm. We will photograph the models in college that day itself.

  1. 1:250 block model with Site ( This we should be able to put on the big site model)
  2. 1:100 Detail Model on Site
  3. Circulation Model
  4. Process Models

All LWP work needs to be brought also.


Marks to Date…

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Marks to date…Buck up for your Finals…Too many REDS

Pre Final Deliverables

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Plans – All floor plans(1:100)
Sections(Min 2)(1:100)
Elevations(Min 2))(1:100)
Concept Sheets
Working Models
Area Calculation

All drawings are hard-copies on A2, A1 or what ever works for your design(decide your template for final sheets).Be consistent. No soft copies will be entertained.

These are the minimum deliverable for the Pre-Final. Its a competitive and produce quality work…
Marks will be based on quality of drawings, if you are deploying a presentation technique..put in a sample.
Design needs to work as per your concept and relationships need to be very clear. Maximum marks have been assigned to clarity in design.

Marking will start 12pm sharp. This gives you 1 hr to get your self in order. Its a pin-up!!! I will put up the order of review at 11:00am on Thursday.

Good luck…

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