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Pre-Final Submission on April 21, 2011 at 1:00pm

Deliverables to Follow….


Elective Assignment

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As discussed in today’s class, on April 11 each group shall be expected to submit their concrete explorations composed in Adobe InDesign. Aakansha has the template and shall explain to you the idea behind the page layout, please compose your pages accordingly; max. 4 pages.

This is a graded exercise. All groups to submit by 1:00 PM.


Design Development Stage-1

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Design Development Stage-1 marking on Monday, 11th April.

Max. Marks – 250


1. Plans and Sections at 1:100 (working sheets on trace; NO CAD!!)

2. Kit of Parts model which includes a core, floor plates and model material (1:100)

MUSEUM Diagram

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FOH-BOH relationship diagram

Please adapt this to your museum type.

Concept Design Stage-1 Marks

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Find Marks for Concept Design Stage -1 HERE

Anyone who wants an upgrade or review of work please bring improvised work on March 14 post the Time Problem submission. This specially holds for people with marks in RED.



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Submission on Monday, 14th March @ 11:00am

Max Marks: 250 ( Opportunity to PASS for people who are failing)

Each Student needs to prepare a package of their LWP house for publication. You need to filter your diagrams and drawings to show most relevant information. Redraw or create new ones for better eligibility.

Diagrams need to be given in PDF format or Illustrator files with embedded links. Drawings can be hardcopies or digital.


Hard copies of

  1. Plans
  2. Elevations
  3. Sections
  4. Perspectives/Axonometric/Montage

Soft copies of

  1. Extraction Diagrams
  2. User/Program Diagrams
  3. Scenario Diagrams
  4. Process Diagrams
  5. Photo Montage
  6. Write-up

If submission is not received by 11:00am then you will not be part of the publication. Regular Studio will take place post submission.

Design Schedule

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Upcoming Deadlines

10 March- Concept Design Stage -1

14 March – Time Problem

21 March – Concept Design Stage-2

Happy Working!!!

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