(x) Museum Design Brief & Program

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Please find the Design Brief and Program here.

Final pin-up for concept to be on 10th March, 2011


(x) Museum- Concept Towards Building a Museum

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Monday Feb 28, 2010
Studio deliverables consist of Site Strategy, Program block model, Diagrams showing programmatic relationships, movement patterns between blocks etc.

Last semester you have been empowered with tools of diagramming, scenario building, programming etc in a order. This semester you decide your order which best explains your design.

The result needs to be a “Concept towards building a Museum.”

Continuous Evaluation

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Your marks to date are Here.


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MUSEUMS are repositories of culture.
Before one can design a museum a few questions need to be addressed :
•Why (x) Museum?
•What does the (x) Museum collect and exhibit?
•How will (x) Museum position itself within its local and larger cultural context?

CURATION: A strategy deployed within a museum to layout art, artwork, and artifacts.
Each Student needs to construct diagram or diagrams for “Curational Strategy” that their museum will adopt to house the collection. The “Curational Strategy” will have three parts to make it viable.
1. Urban Mixer: Identify a program that activates the ground plane and justifies its existence within the (x) Museum.
2. House Collection: Permanent & Temporary Galleries
3. (x) Program: An alternate zone within the museum

Deliverables : Digital Medium in PDF format.
Time : 9:30am – 3:30pm
Max marks : 250

(x) Museum Site Analysis

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Full Site Analysis Report uploaded here.

Case Study Presentation

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Case Study Presentation on Thursday, 11:30am. It will be in random order so be ready.

Pranshu is incharge of reserving projector and classroom.

(x) Museum Case Study Guidelines

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For each of the case study, please ensure that you have covered these topics:

1. Type of Museum

2. Design Concept

3. Arrangement of Galleries

4. Layout and types of spaces; Front of House v/s Back of House; areas or percentages

5. Circulation

6. Services

7. Groups doing and actual projects need to get more information on the performance of the building.

Use plans, sections, photographs and diagrams to explain the above mentioned topics. Most importantly, use the techniques of diagramming learnt in the last semester to analyse and explain the project. Again, these are guidelines, feel free to dwell beyond prescribed topics.

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