LWP-Pre-Final Requirements & Marking

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Below are the deliverables for Pre-Final
1:100 model along with process models and images
1:100 Representational drawings(plans, elevations, sections, axonometric, isometric or any means of representtion of ones design to scale)
1:50 scale part model
1:500 Site model with process models and images
Model Photomontages
All previous diagram sheets done on A1 can be on A3 and B/W for ease of printing.

Marking is out of 500. Bonus 100 marks have been set aside for those who demonstrate considerable progress and improvisation in their previously graded works.

All work needs to be submitted by 12:00pm.
Location : Classroom in the Basement by Workshop

Doors will be closed and we will start marking at sharp 12:00pm. No drawing or model will be entertained post 12:00pm. There will be crits as we mark in random order.

Happy Working!!!!!


Sign Up sheet

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Please assign your self to have a crit with either me or Shridhar for tomorrow. Have a sign up sheet ready with your names on it.
We are working in the studio and are hoping that if we cannot get to anyone they will still benefit from other people’s crits.

A1 Diagram sheets

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People need to bring A3 B/W prints of their A1 sheets with all diagrams of user, program, site and extraction on them on NOV 25, 2010. Template has been provided earlier. You are free to modify the template to best suit your user. In case you plan to insert photomontages to further enhance your diagrams but they are in incomplete state, please put them in and call out work in progress.

Interim Marking

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Interim marks posted here.

Students who are failing need to work harder so their marks can be upgraded during the pre-final marking.

Interim Marking

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Marks posted here.
None of the students performed up to expectations. However this is not the end, each student should catch up and produce more work.

LWP Final Schedule

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Final Schedule for rest of the semester is Here.
Its a run to the Finish now…..

LWP HOUSE Revised Schedule

November 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

DEADLINE:Thursday Nov 4, 2010
Requirements: 2 or 3 chosen options that you have been working on in 1:100. Iterations of the 2 or 3 chosen options need to be shown in photographs organized on an A2 size sheet.

Please bring all 1:500 models and all your diagram sheets for reference. Post 12:00pm grading will begin and no more work will be entertained.

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