Time Problem

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Every student is to make a square poster of his or her USER. The poster will contain visual representation of your user and his personality. No TEXT is to be used. Any medium can be used to explore the idea.

This assignment is due on Monday 27th Sept. 2010 at 10:00am. NO submissions wil be entertained post 10:30am. Any one failing to submit this assignment shall not be graded.



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The Sites have been uploaded.

Please download by clicking on your assigned sites for design development.




Materials-Method Elective Schedule

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Please be advised that Elective will be discussed only on Mondays. Class starts at 11:00am.  Anyone coming post 11:30 am will be marked Absent. FYI, attendence carries marks. Please be warned that most of you are failing in this subject.

On Monday September 20th, please bring your formwork for casting your shapes. In case you have multiple modules please start earlier.

L/W/P House Design Schedule

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Thursday September 16th, will be final marking for Site Diagrams.

Please be advised that we are behind in schedule and so the Blocking Model Marking has been revised to 23rd September.

For the Blocking Diagram, all students are advised to work in Studio. All site models will be monochromatic in colour and program of LWP in 3 colors, hence bring your choice of material to make the site and program blocks in class. You will be exploring many options within your blocking diagram similar to programmatic/site diagram.

Diagram Template

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The Diagram Template has been uploaded.


This is pretty self explanatory, each student should go through the 8 steps and complete their diagrams accordingly.

LWP House pin-up

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Thursday September 9, 2010 as per site allocated have pinups ready. We will start sharp 11:00am. All material has to be on the walls and everyone is expected to participate in the discussions.

Formwork, design, materiality and textures will be discussed post design discussions.

Reading material will be discussed.

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